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The Nordic Council Indonesia (NCI) is a collaborative group of professionals working with both foreign and domestic partners to encourage innovative business and social investment that have a positive impact on Indonesia.

NCI is the bridge connecting Nordic investments, innovation and expertise with Indonesia’s potential and resources by providing access to both business and government networks including those that inspire eco-conscious, community and educational development.


We have created Working Groups to better focus the energy and resources of NCI Members in specific areas. 

Each has a Group Leader with a core of 2-4 members each. The Group Leaders are responsible for communicating with the NCI Board and all activities have Board approval.

If you’d like to be involved with one of the Groups, please reach out to Group Leaders, because we’d love to have you join us and get involved!

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Tri Hita Karana: A roadmap for the future

It might sound naïve and idealistic and the sort of thing you’d expect to hear from sandal wearing hippies lost in space, but it’s a fundamental moral code and a spiritual pillar of the philosophy of Hindu Dharma in Bali and it’s rooted in the idea of Tri Hita Karana.

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Could 2020 be the year to invest in an apartment?

Indonesia’s property market is expected to enjoy a good year in 2020, primarily because “the government loosened the loan-to-value ratio on residential properties by 5% and issued an exemption on luxury tax increment for residential properties valued under IDR 30 billion – around USD 2.2 million – at the end of 2019,” says the Jakarta Globe.

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Seven Stones Indonesia Moving Forward

Seven Stones Indonesia was born as a Real Estate agency in 2016. We partnered with Harcourts, one of the world’s leading Real Estate agencies in 2018, and have enjoyed two years of being part of the Harcourts Indonesia team.

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