The Legatum Prosperity Index for Indonesia

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The Legatum Prosperity Index 2019 for Indonesia is something we want to share with you as it gives an uncluttered perspective on the enormous investment opportunities in one of the world’s most emerging markets.

The following information has been taken from the Legatum Report which you can find by clicking here.  

The positive main takeaways:

  • Indonesia is politically stable and its democracy is strengthening through greater civil participation
  • Indonesia’s economy is growing and more people are experiencing a rise in living conditions
  • There are 60 venture capital funds in Indonesia, and the country ranks 25th globally for venture capital availability.
  • An improved investment environment has led to the significant development of Indonesian financial markets
  • Indonesian governments have improved the country’s investment environment including in the ease of doing business, strengthening competition law, improving patent laws, and implementing stricter laws against copyright infringements

If you find the report useful and you’d like to explore how your business opportunities in Indonesia can grow, we’d love to hear from you.



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