We have created Working Groups to better focus our energy and resources in specific areas, which are best suited to individual interests and skill sets.

There are five Working Groups, each has a Group Leader with a core of 2-4 members each. The Group Leaders are responsible for communicating with the NCI Board Secretary and all activities have Board approval.

If you’d like to be involved with one of the Working Groups, please reach out to Group Leaders, we’d love to have you on the team!

Here’s what each group has achieved so far or what projects are currently ongoing.


The purpose of this group is to liaise with relevant and appropriate Indonesian government bodies, individuals and Indonesian Embassies in Nordic countries as well as Nordic Embassies, consulates and trade councils in Indonesia.


We’ll source information regarding Nordic governments’ interest in potential co-operation possibilities and interesting initiatives in Indonesia.


To help facilitate this we’ll be compiling an information bank on Nordic grants etc. available for business and social initiatives in Indonesia.


We’ll also be sharing basic legal information for members for setting up and conducting business in Indonesia and offering potential support for Indonesian businesses wishing to enter the Nordic markets.


The purpose of this group is to link start-up & ongoing businesses and projects with potential investors and leveraging the Nordic network in Indonesia. In short we want to be a bridge for Nordic and Indonesian businesses.


We think this could work both ways i.e: Nordic capitalization of innovations/entrepreneurial initiatives made in Indonesia – as well as Indonesian funding of Nordic initiatives.


We’ll setup a format for startups to pitch their ideas to potential investors in our group and beyond.


We’ll create an idea bank for potential legal constructions to do business in Indonesia and provide a contact network for partners who can help develop investor material as well as legal setup of new company.


We’ll also create an info bank for newly arrived entrepreneurs to Bali (and Indonesia) including Co-working spaces and incubators.


We’re also looking at the possibility of partnering with the local (Bali) government on attracting new industries to Bali.


The primary aim of this working group is to share support networks, referral channels, business experience and expertise for a range of startups and small business owners in Bali.


The group will drive workshops, seminars and coaching as well as encourage mentors for those reaching out for support. The group will pursue growth and exposure within the NIC and establish connections with Nordic embassies, business groups and chambers of commerce in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.


The purpose of this group is to inspire sustainable development and general wellbeing in Bali (and Indonesia).


We aim to strengthen educational collaborations between Nordic countries and Indonesia, to encourage social change and community projects, to draft projects that can be locally conducted, introduce them to members to attract interest and investments as well as prioritize the projects and, after board approval, reach out to Nordic Embassies in Indonesia for further resources.


The projects we will be involved with can be both profit and non-profit.


We all like a party! The Valhalla Social Club aims to organize social gatherings to connect, network and have fun.


Our group will be responsible for the coordination of our Monthly Entrepreneur networking luncheons and social events and hosting and coordinating the bi-annual Valhalla Balls (Midsummer and Christmas.)


Our primary aim is to be proactive in seeking suitable locations, price deals, sponsorship deals and entertainment for these events and to coordinate with the treasurer/ marketing team regarding invites to members.




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